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“Some get support because they

want to remain champions.

Others get support because they want to

become champions.”


Facing challenges in today’s economic environment?

Want a sounding board?

Need some new ideas?


Effectively explore these challenges,

Develop and implement innovative strategies and solutions.


With over 30 years’ experience in senior leadership, academia, and consulting across Australia, the USA and Asia, Douglas Long helps individuals and organisations deal effectively with uncertainty, change and growth. Specific examples include:

  • Executive with trouble retaining middle level staff that were critical to any succession planning

Explored the executive's impact on recruitment and selection issues within the division then explored how the executive could initiate improvements in relation to inducting and developing people. Over a 12 month period the staff retention issue was totally resolved.

  • CEO in an organisation suffering performance problems

Explored the factors (internal and external) impacting on performance using my Leadership for Performance Model and then worked on developing an appropriate leadership approach that could harness the commitment and creativity of everyone involved. Within 6 months performance targets (top and bottom line) were being met and within 18 months revenues and profitability reached record levels.

  • CEO facing opposition from certain Board members although having the support of the Chairman

Explored the relationship issues involved and assisted the CEO to improve interactions with all Board members. The CEO had his contract renewed when it came up for consideration a year later and his relationship with the entire Board continues to be very positive.

  • An entrepreneur wanting to develop the company

Worked with the entrepreneur to explore the company's location on the organisational life cycle then helped the entrepreneur in implementation of a growth strategy. The organisation continues to grow and be very profitable and I am currently involved with the entrepreneur's exit strategy.

  • Executive in an organisation that had recently been taken over and where several branches were to be closed because of their competition with the new parent.

Explored the leadership issues involved in retaining staff motivation and performance during the period until branch closure with its associated staffing issues including facilitating an appropriate redundancy package for everyone involved. A very positive relationship still exists between the organisation and all the people involved - even those who were made redundant.

  • CEO considering a significant strategic shift which included moving the Head Office to a different city and closing down a currently profitable area of operations that he felt was fast approaching the end of its “cash cow” days

Explored various scenarios and strategies during the stage leading to a proposition being discussed with the Chairman and then taken to the Board then worked with the CEO in implementing the changes involved. The company continues to be a high performer on the stock market.

  • An executive wanting to transition to being a professional director following retirement

Explored the shift in attitudes and behaviour required in moving from an operational to a governance role and guided as to appropriate personal development required. The executive has recently been appointed to her first Board with a major public company.


The original Mentor is described in Greek legend as the one who shared wisdom and advice with Telemachus on personal issues and support during his father’s (Odysseus) absence on the Trojan War. Today the word “mentor” is used to describe a trusted counsellor or teacher (usually a more experienced person) who is willing to provide support and encouragement across a wide variety of areas to people who want to learn new approaches and skills.

The core of mentoring is open, honest dialogue in which concerns and issues are discussed with a view to finding possible resolutions or opening new areas for investigation and learning. The overall emphasis is on facilitating growth in a person or business so that agreed goals can be reached.

In my mentoring there are three distinct forms:

Form 1      Issue specific

Although it usually takes a little time for a mentoring relationship to be established, there are times when short term, issue-specific support is required. For some people this is also the preferred way to develop mutual trust before Growth Mentoring can commence. Typically this shorter approach involves about 6 hours over a 3 month period. Some of these hours may be by phone but at least half of them will be face to face. Most face to face sessions are for between 1 - 2 hours duration.


Form 2      Growth Mentoring

This takes place over a 12 month period facilitating personal or organisational growth in accord with goals set in the first session. Typically this involves about 40 hours over the year – again with at least half of them face to face. Most face to face sessions are for between 1 - 2 hours duration. Most of the people using this service are facing on-going challenges such as a potential or recently completed takeover or merger and they want an independent person with whom to discuss issues and concerns.


Form 3      Retainer Mentoring

Some people want to know that, whenever they need to discuss issues or when they want to consider personal options, there is someone "on tap" to whom they can turn. For these people an annual retainer fee provides peace of mind that someone they trust will be available, often at short notice, "on demand". The base retainer fee allows for 10 hours of mentoring per annum.



Cognitive Coaching

I provide cognitive coaching services to help people in their personal growth and to assist in preparing them for tomorrow's challenges.



What people say:

“I only spent a few hours with Douglas, but I came away from that conversation with so much information. Douglas has the unique ability to see the problem and come up with the appropriate solutions. I highly recommend Douglas to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level of profitability and growth.” Kenneth Varga

“My recommendation of Doug is based upon his approachability and willingness to connect, share and inspire. Doug walks his talk: I commend him on voluntarily contributing his time to speak to individuals and groups, listening closely to their needs and offering insightful direction and guidance. Doug is the type of leader our communities, organisations and world need: connected and genuine.” Gail Hickey


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