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"Leadership is the key .... but what is it really all about? I read lots of books and articles and hear lots of discussion about facilitative leadership, servant leadership, transformational leadership, leadership qualities, leadership skills, leadership styles, and all the rest. All it does is confuse me. What really are the essentials of leadership? What is effective leadership?"


What People Say


"There are many who can tell you what it means to lead, or explain the traits of a good leader. But only a few can show you the how and the why of leadership and its determining effect on organizational culture. Doug Long is one of those few." - Andrew EB Tani, President, Andrew Tani & Co, Singapore


“I would highly recommend Doug who is with out doubt an accomplished academic who has been able to transfer his skills to the workplace and advise corporate/ non-profit professionals to the next step.”  - Phillip Ginges, CEO, Large Not For Profit Organisation, Sydney


“Doug has tapped into those critical elements that are fundamental to leadership; and has wrapped those into programmes that both imparts the best of those qualities and achieves the most successful and enduring results for the groups/individuals who work with Doug. His work on leadership development stays with those who are fortunate to have been his students for the duration of their lives.” - Nick Gormly, Contracts Manager, Major Communications Company, Sydney


“Doug has an excellent grasp of management and leadership. I found him to be an excellent teacher and leader himself! He is able to convey ideas clearly, precisely and concisely. I enjoyed reading his books. I have put into practice much of what he taught me, and I still do. His training helped me achieve "top performer" status, year on year, when I was a Senior Manager (R&D) with a multi national technology company. I also find Doug to be personable and a very good listener.” - David Mayadas, Senior Management Consultant, Consulting Company, Canberra





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