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Douglas G Long

Douglas G. Long (PhD Organisational Psychology)I hold a PhD in Organisational Psychology and I am responsible for our business consulting services.

As an individual consultant and mentor, I help individuals and organisations grow and develop.

By providing a neutral, supportive ear I enable CEO’s, Executives and small business owners/managers to “fly a kite” as they consider problems prior to taking proposals to their Chairman, fellow Executives, or other third parties.

From the wisdom gained through some 40 years of experience with all types of organisations across the world, my one-on-one discussions with clients are able to benefit both individuals and their organisations.

People are able to resolve issues with me that might cause them professional embarrassment if discussed too soon with others. I help them prepare possible solutions to issues they are confronting.

Currently I have a Casual Academic post with the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, where I teach on both undergraduate and graduate programmes. I am also a Casual Academic at Southern Cross University Graduate College of Management where I supervise DBA candidates.  Previously I spent 3 years providing Executive Education at the Australian Graduate School of Management and for the 13 years preceding that  lead programs with Macquarie Graduate School of Management's executive education. During 1987 I was a visiting academic at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Over the past 30 years I have been consulting on leadership and change issues to organisations in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Major work in this time includes:

bulletMentoring and coaching CEO's, Executives, and Managers at major Australian and international commercial and not-for-profit organisations
bulletWorking with the Executive Team of a major property development company operating in both Australia and the USA
bulletWorking with the Board and Executive Team at Ricegrowers Cooperative Ltd through the introduction of SAP and the associated re-engineering required.
bulletWorking with the Board and Executive Team at Sydney Electricity in the process of changing from Sydney County Council to, eventually, Energy Australia
bulletWorking with the Board and Executive Team of a major oil company to significantly increase its market share in Malaysia
bulletConducting leadership development across South East Asia for a major USA-based  IT company

My key note speaking on leadership, change and renewal includes:

bulletPersonnel Management National Conference in New York
bulletIFTDO Regional Conference in Rio de Janeiro
bulletHuman Resource Accounting Conference in Los Angeles
bulletRegional Training and Development Conference in Singapore
bulletRegional Training and Development Conference in Kuala Lumpur
bulletRegional Training and Development Conference in Rotorua
bulletHewlett Packard Regional Conference in Singapore
bulletToyota Dealers' Conference in Tokyo
bulletInternational Leadership Conference in Helsinki

Additionally I am a frequent speaker on leadership for various service organisations such as Rotary and Lions.


Ian Freeman

I hold a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Southern Cross University where I am also a member of the Doctoral Supervisors’ Register. This means I am accepted by that organisation to mentor and guide to those completing PhD and Doctoral degrees via research and thesis.

I commenced my career in marketing where I first used an early version of customer-based research to re-programme a radio station; considered to be a revolutionary approach at the time. It proved its veracity by keeping the station at the “Number one” position for twelve years and set me on a path to the development of a methodology known as Three Dimensional Customer-Focus (3DC).

3DC commences by researching and reviewing past, current and future customers’ attitudes in order to gain an insight into their issues. It then guides organisations through structure, strategy, organisation, reporting, growth, leadership, positioning and financial approaches to deliver meaningful outcomes to both the enterprise in question and its customers.

During the past 20 years, I have been responsible for significantly improved outcomes for such diverse clients as oil companies, engineering organisations, manufacturers, banks, indigenous development programmes, insurance companies, financial services, fashion importers, management consultants, workers’ compensation, IT developers and clean energy generators.





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